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Cate Goethals inspires leaders, teams, and organizations to catalyze positive change in themselves and become forces for good in the world.

Leadership Coaching

Known for her innovative programs to boost women in business and diversity in the boardroom, Cate coaches leaders to make an even bigger impact by becoming more deeply and powerfully themselves – to use their strengths, values and personal vision to create the kind of lives and workplaces they are proud to inhabit.  

Who can benefit?


Leaders on the cusp of something bigger who want to:

  • Make the leap from operational manager to leader

  • Grow from executive to board director

  • Leave undermining habits behind

  • Become a more powerful communicator

  • Develop a strong brand and presence

  • Find and use your voice to make a difference

Life and Career Coaching

Who can benefit?


People seeking more meaning, satisfaction, and impact in their lives.  Those who are:

  • Navigating career and life crossroads.

  • Aligning with values and purpose

  • Wanting to follow "the inner whisper" of their hearts

  • Exploring their passion and purpose 


Women and others who do not fit a dominant organizational culture can’t just imitate those in leadership roles. 


Instead, they must do it their own way — dig deep into themselves and create their own leadership platform, one built on their strengths and values and aspirations — and one authentic and rooted deeply enough to withstand criticism from managers who believe their way is the only way.

I highly recommend Cate as a leadership coach. When I met Cate, I was struggling to navigate the political minefield at work. She quickly assessed the situation, and skillfully helped to guide me through a tough few months. She was able to deconstruct the “drama” as well as provide insight on my blindspots.  She specifically did not “solve my problems” but helped me to understand how to read situations differently.  With her assistance, I stopped dreading interactions with difficult colleagues and learned to step around the “tactical skirmishes” to achieve my bigger leadership goals.

~ Physician Leader

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