to Greater


My work is symbolized by the fire flower in my logo – the place deep within all of us that ignites energy and growth. I work with leaders to tap into that powerful flame within themselves to kindle possibilities and make an even bigger difference.


Cate Goethals has inspired hundreds of leaders to locate and unleash their personal and professional power – to become more deeply and fully themselves in their leadership roles rather than adopt styles and values that feel inauthentic. 


Passionate about the potential for excellent women and men to make their organizations and the world a better place, Cate works with

  • Professionals on the cusp of something bigger.

  • Executives (especially senior women) who want to reach higher and create a bigger impact.

  • Aspiring Board Directors

  • Those who want to shape their lives and careers more around meaning and purpose to make a difference


“Cate and I have been working together for 3 years. I can honestly say she has changed the trajectory of my career path. Her style is authentic, holds me accountable, and has helped me realize my full value/potential. She is patient but does not let me compromise. I have always been a leader but am now the best leader I can be!”

~ IT Leader